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Annual Impact Report 2021-22


We are so excited to launch our Annual Impact Report today, during Schools Partnership Week.

To set the scene all the wonderful work done by the Glendower Community, here is a summary of our impact by statistics

o   12 School partnership projects completed
o   247 Glendower students participated in at least 1 partnership activity
o   169 Glendower students participated in more than one/regular partnership activities
o   30+ hours of partnership activities with local state primary school students completed through a variety of off-site campus activities, providing additional opportunities for diverse and experimental learning
o   40+ hours received of volunteer support for Glendower students from secondary school students completing their Duke of Edinburgh Awards.
o   180 State School primary aged students participated in Glendower partnership activities
o   8 Secondary School students fulfilled their Duke of Edinburgh commitments by volunteering at Glendower with our students
o   101 hours of parent volunteering with the local community
o   20+ Parents volunteering & participating in community engagement projects
o   2-17 hours of volunteering completed per individual



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