We want to prepare every girl to thrive and flourish in her next school setting and we work very closely with our parents to ensure that the right schools are selected for each girl.  

Preparation for choosing a senior school starts in Year 4 when the Headmistress talks to parents about the process of 11+ transition. 

In Year 5, individual meetings with the Headmistress, the Deputy Heads and parents are arranged to discuss school choice in the context of each girl’s attainment and progress. A further meeting takes place early in Year 6 before final choices are made. Through this time, our experienced subject specialists in mathematics, English and science will keep parents informed about their daughter’s progress.  

Each May, senior school Heads from a variety of top day and boarding schools are invited to address our parents and answer any questions they may have about senior school transition. 

The Headmistress knows the Heads of all the schools at which our girls gain places and she is readily available throughout, to advise and reassure. We will guide and support you, and celebrate the results with you at the end of your daughter’s penultimate term. 

When choosing a school, we advise parents to be open-minded, ambitious and realistic. Be prepared to look at all possible options and make sure your daughter is setting herself high standards, while listening to what her teachers tell you. 

Sitting exams for several schools can be onerous but does have the advantage of your being able to enter your daughter for a range of schools so that unpredictable issues, such as the strength of the competition that year and your daughter’s performance on the day, can be allowed for. 

Glendower girls are frequently offered scholarships: academic, sporting, music, fine or performing arts. The Headmistress and Deputy Head Academic will advise you about the scholarships process and preparation.