Why Glendower

Why Glendower

 “We can accept a girl’s best efforts no matter how average but not her second best, no matter how brilliant” Mrs Kingsmill Moore, Headmistress

At Glendower we aim to do more than simply teach young girls. Rather, we introduce them to the pleasure of learning, stimulating their curiosity, their competitive spirit and their imagination. Along the way they learn that nothing worthwhile is achieved without effort. They also come to understand that effort and achievement bring pleasure, confidence and enduring satisfaction.

Glendower is a happy school and a successful one, with an excellent record of 11+ examination results. Places are offered to our pupils at all the prestigious secondary schools in London while some of our girls move on to renowned boarding schools. A number of Glendower girls attain scholarships each year.

The broad curriculum at Glendower is progressive and academic, our values traditional. All girls learn computer skills and French is taught from the age of four. Around 90% of our pupils learn an instrument. But we are also a practical, ‘hands on’ school where skills such as puppet making sit comfortably alongside woodwork.

While our academic record is outstanding, we are equally concerned with fostering the kind of skills that help young girls grow into capable young women with a sense of self-worth.  Originality and talent are applauded and encouraged and the performing arts are important here. Our very strong sporting tradition complements academic life and girls learn the value and advantages of teamwork. Glendower girls are healthily competitive but at the same time are supportive of each other, with a great sense of fair play. For the majority of girls at Glendower, social life revolves around school and extra-curricular clubs take place at the beginning and end of each school day.

Glendower parents are pro-active and enthusiastic, organising numerous charity, fundraising and social events throughout the year. The Parents’ Association is involved with all aspects of school activity.

Glendower prepares young girls for the outside world by teaching them to be confident and capable. We believe in courtesy, consideration and personal responsibility. Girls are taught to respect their fellow pupils, their school and the environment. Most of all we teach them to believe in themselves.

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