Drama promotes confidence and positive self image through the creative use of mind and body. It can help children learn about emotions, problem solving and relating to other people.

All pupils attend one lesson per week as part of the curriculum. The drama curriculum provides a wide range of experience in theatre history, theatrical form and performance skills.

Pre prep lessons take place in our school hall. We use various props to create a magical atmosphere and the children love entering a different environment. The younger children work with the teacher in role to build a spontaneous improvised drama. The ultimate aim is for the children to lead the activities rather than be guided through them.

Prep school lessons take place offsite in a large hall located in the Imperial College Student Union building. The emphasis is on learning basic performance skills and developing the childrens’ self confidence through mime, improvisation and scripted performance. Children develop skills in using the techniques of voice, movement, gesture and facial expression to develop a character and explore a range of roles and situations.

Our children are confident and eager to perform and there are many opportunities to do so at Glendower. In the autumn term Reception perform their nativity play and Year 1 children perform a Christmas play. Year 2 are front row performers in our Y2-4 Christmas Carol service.

In the spring Year 3 are involved in our Silent Movie project where they create short films. The girls exaggerate their gestures and facial expressions to represent stock characters from the Silent film era. This project culminates with our “Starry Nights” event where the girls dress up and walk down the red carpet for the premiere showing of their movies!

Year 5 also have a unique performance event. In small groups they devise their own Medieval miracle plays. These plays follow the style of a heroic legend complete with heroes, villains and sword fights. The plays are performed in a carousel style and the girls are responsible for every aspect of the performance; from costume and scenery to choreography and stage combat!

There are strong links with the Music department with Year 4 performing a musical in the spring term and Year 6 rounding off our school year with their own musical in the summer. The Art department helps with set design and the making of props.

Once a year the Young Shakespeare Company visit and the children enjoy an interactive performance of one of Shakespeare’s plays. This event is highly anticipated by the children and provides an opportunity for the girls to engage with some of our bard’s best-loved stories.

Drama Club is an opportunity for children with a special interest in the subject to develop their skills further.

We are dedicated to performing quality shows, learning about the theatre and having lots of fun!