Drama at Glendower promotes confidence and positive self-image through the creative use of mind and body. It helps children learn about emotions, problem solving and relating to other people. All pupils have weekly drama lessons providing a range of experience in theatre history, theatrical form and performance skills, as well as having lots of fun.

Lower School lessons take place in the school entrance hall, where props are used to create a magical atmosphere – the children love learning in a different environment. The girls work with the teacher in-role to build improvised drama with the goal being for children to eventually lead the activities.

Upper School drama takes place in Beit Hall, Imperial College where the girls learn performance skills, mime, improvisation and scripted performances. They also learn voice techniques, movement, gesture and facial expression to create a character and explore a range of roles and situations. The girls particularly enjoy working in groups to devise short dramas, working collaboratively to develop ideas, express feelings and experiment with sound and action.

Each year group puts on a production once a year. The nativity play, spring play and summer play are original productions written by the drama teacher and our Head of Lower School writes a Christmas production for the Year 1 girls, also involving songs specially written by the Music department. Our Art department contributes creative set designs and props.

Regular theatre visits ensure each year group watches a performance at least once a year, growing their skills of interpretation and critical analysis. Drama Club allows girls with a special interest to develop their skills further.