Wraparound Care

Wraparound Care

Early Birds 

Our Early Bird sessions run from 7.30am up until school begins at 8.30am and are available for the entire school. A designated wraparound care doorbell is located at the Whitehouse entrance. The sessions are a warm and calm space from which the girls can seamlessly transition into a focused day of school.  

Late Owls (All Year Groups) 

Late Owls sessions are a nourishing space for girls to unwind after an exciting school day! During each session the girls are invited to take part in a variety of relaxing activities, including arts and crafts and reading. Fresh fruit and sandwiches are available for the girls to snack on. Sessions run from the end of the school day until 6.00pm. It is also possible for girls to join at the end of their after school club.  

 All sessions can be booked by clicking the booking link below:

Due to staffing and ratio levels, there are a limited number of places on offer and will be allocated on a first come first basis. The provision can be used on an ad hoc basis (minimum of 12 hours prior notice) or as a long-term booking (maximum of a term). The booked session will need to be paid for regardless of attendance. Refunds or carrying over of unattended sessions will not be possible.  

Sessions can be booked in 30 min increments at the rate of £10 an hour. 

Pick Up 

We request that you aim to stick to the scheduled pick up time in line with your booking. The girls will be dismissed from the Queen’s Gate exit. If you are coming at an earlier time please come to the main school entrance. 

May we request that you read the FAQ before booking any sessions.  


Can I book multiple sessions at one time? 

We understand that this would be the ideal situation and are working on making this possible.  We are immensely grateful for your support  in the meantime. 

Can I book a session on the day that I need it? 

The cut-off point to book a session is at midnight on the previous day. You will not be able to make bookings using the booking system thereafter. Emails sent to class teachers/office or phone calls made to the office will not be honoured. This is because we must adhere to staff ratios, and need at least 12 hours to be able to ensure that we have the correct number of staff present.  

If I cancel a session in advance will I be refunded? 

Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds on any unattended sessions. We ask that you take your time to check dates before booking. We will also not have the capacity to transfer or carry over any sessions. 

Can I pick up my child at any time? 

Yes, you may pick up your child before the end of the designated slot. We do ask that those of you who are using the Late Owls sessions aim to arrive at the school no later than 5.55pm.