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Winners of the National Quiz Club Competition


On Tuesday 7th May 2019, two teams from Glendower took part in the National Quiz Club Competition held at The Hall School in Hampstead.
It was a fast-paced and challenging quiz which tested the limits of everyone’s maths knowledge – including the teachers and parents!

Glendower’s players worked hard and managed to secure first and third place out of twelve teams.

In the winning team were Sisi, Bella, Rosemarie and Maya. In the second Glendower team were Marina, Natalia, Isabella and Anya.

Over the course of an hour we were faced with 20 mental maths questions and 15 problem solving questions. We were given only one minute to answer each question, with the difficulty increasing all the time. It was our team work, persistence and Glendower spirit that led our two teams to both be in the top three. The stiff competition was made up of girls and boys from many top London schools including Wetherby and The Hall. We are looking forward to competing in the next round!

Thank you to our teachers, Mr Ludwick and Miss Broughton and parents, Mrs Mazzi, Mrs Milakovich and Mrs Stoll for accompanying and supporting us.

Maya (Y6)


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