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Diversity and Inclusion Statement

We at Glendower recognise and understand the concern and depth of feeling that is unfolding across the UK and globally in response to the tragic death of George Floyd and subsequent events in the USA. We know that members of our school community, including pupils and former pupils, have been deeply affected too.

We are considering our response to the global movement, particularly with respect to our curriculum, pastoral care and policies and to reflect on whether there is more we can do within school to provide opportunities to explore these issues further. Glendower is a school with a wonderfully diverse community of pupils and alumnae, and we recognise our important role as an educator in continuing to empower our pupils to become responsible global citizens.

We are never complacent, and we endeavour to promote an approach of reflection, review and openness. We are listening and look forward to having open, reflective and collaborative discussions with members of our extended school community.

We would ask pupils, alumnae, parents, former parents, staff or former staff who have views or suggestions on this important issue, which they would like us to consider, to send them to (please let us know your connection to Glendower when you contact us).


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