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Water Aid Sponsored Swim


Well done to Year 4 who took part in a sponsored swim to raise money for their chosen charity, ‘WaterAid.’ All sponsorship money has now been collected, and the money sent off to WaterAid. I am pleased to say the Year 4 girls raised a total of £698.40!

“This is a very impressive amount and we are extremely proud of all the girls for swimming so many lengths for such a worthy charity! A special mention goes to the top 5 in the year group for swimming the most laps within the given time: Chloe, Kiara S, Lamar, Talia L and Leonie. And congratulations to Year 4s for taking part and contributing to the year group charity fundraiser! We are very proud of you all!”
Mr Van Rooyen, Mrs Sweeney and Mrs Enness-Laporte

“In our swimming lesson, Y4 participated in a sponsored swim to support a charity called WaterAid. This charity provides clean water to people who don’t have access to it. Some time ago we were given four charities to choose from and had to vote for the one we want to support. The winning
vote was WaterAid.

Some days before, we were given a sponsorship form and had to ask people to sponsor us. We wrote down the names of the people who were sponsoring us and how much money they would give us per length or the whole swim. Everybody in Year 4 tried very hard to swim as many lengths as they could, and we raised lots of money for WaterAid.”
Sonia K (Y4)


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