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Hockey Mascots at Olympic Park


On 27th April, a group of girls from Glendower travelled to the Lee Valley Olympic Area to watch a field hockey match, GBR v USA. We had the privilege of being mascots for the USA team, which means that we ran alongside the players onto the field, each girl having an individual player. We sang the American national anthem, (which not all of us knew) and then the game began.

It was a very tense game and when the time was up the teams had tied at 1-1 so it led to a very dramatic penalty shoot-out! After 5 players from each team tried to score it ended with 2-7 to GBR, so they won! After the event we had the opportunity to play on the field. It was really good fun although the hockey sticks were heavy!

Thank you to Miss Penick, Mrs Enness-Laporte and Mrs Maher for taking time out of their weekends to take us. We had lots of fun and we learned lots of hockey skills.
Mati and Agathe (Y5)


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