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Victorians at the V&A


On Tuesday, Year 6 went to the V&A Museum to experience and learn about both Victorian art and history.

Mr Van Rooyen and Mrs Cox led the trip, and some kind parents and teachers accompanied us too. One of the sessions started with art which included sketching some paintings by William Morris and looking at Islamic art.

I especially found William Morris’s art very interesting as I had heard about him before. For history, we saw a beautiful model of the Crystal Palace and even saw the real plan of Prince Albert’s memorial.

At the end, we had a quick walk towards the exit, seeing all of the beautiful and amazing art from the Victorian era.

We observed the painting: ‘The Opening of the Great Exhibition’ and found out who was who in the portrait.

In the same room there was a model of the Crystal Palace, it was only half of the model but with the help of a mirror it looked like the whole structure. Paulina even found an original print of the Crystal Palace plans!

Thank you to Mr van Rooyen and Mrs Cox for the wonderful trip. Everyone really enjoyed it!
Alicia (Y6)


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