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Friendship Assembly


5M treated us to an entertaining assembly on the theme of friendship. Our central character, Gina, was upset. Her friend Zara is ignoring her, and she doesn’t know why.

Meanwhile Zara is frustrated. Gina wants to be with her ALL THE TIME. Zara likes spending time with lots of different people; she wants to have more than one friend. Dad came up with the perfect solution, a “Friendship Machine” to build Gina the PERFECT friend! The machine soon malfunctioned. No machine can build the perfect friend because such a thing does not exist. No one is perfect. Sometimes it’s difficult being friends and we have to work at it.

Fortunately, a trio of Agony Aunts were on hand to offer advice for our friendship problems. This assembly encouraged the audience to consider what qualities they value in a friend and how they could become a better friend. 5M gave a strong performance and showed commitment learning many lines in a short space of time. Well done girls! I am incredibly proud of you!
Miss Martin


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