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Debate at Laurels School


On 11th October, a group of Year 5 girls went to a debating event. We debated against Garden House School students who were in Year 6. The event was held at The Laurels School which had just moved to its new venue.

The first thing which we did was the balloon debate. A balloon debate is when you choose a character and you have to give points of information about why they should stay on the hot air balloon. Sadly Peppa Pig and Dora the explorer were kicked off the balloon. Next, we were sorted into groups of two and we moved around the school and did three debates against Garden House. The first debate was about why everyone should have an pet at home. The second debate was if everyone should play a musical instrument. The third and last was if libraries should be banned. After the three debates we helped ourselves to some scrumptious biscuits and cupcakes. Then the headmistress of the school announced the winners of the competition and Siya and Eva were highly commended.

Ryka (Y5)


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