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The Living Rainforest Trip


This year, Year 2 have been learning about habitats and on Tuesday 1st May we visited ‘The Living Rainforest’, a large indoor tropical rainforest located in Hampstead Norreys. We spent the day exploring this humid and abundant habitat with temperatures up to 34 degrees Celsius! There were 700 different species of plants and animals to see including free roaming lizards, birds and butterflies (you had to be very careful to We also took part in a special tour all about animal adaptations. On this tour we learnt about the different layers of the rainforest and how different animals and plants are adapted to survive there. We also saw many popular food plants such as bananas, coffee, cocoa, ginger and vanilla.

It was a beautiful sunny day so at lunch time we enjoyed a picnic in the sun and enjoyed playing in the adventure playground! We had a fantastic day and would love to go back and explore the rainforest again!


Habitat Creatures Visit Glendower

On Wednesday 2nd May a ranger from Zoo Lab came to visit Lower School. As our science topic is ‘Habitats’ this term,...

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FA Cup Final

On Saturday 5th May, a few girls from the football club went to Wembley to watch the women’s FA cup final, Arsenal vs ...

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Conservation Career Talk

As part of the Post 11+ programme of events, Year 6 are having careers talks and on the 8th May Mrs Callanan visited us ...

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Les Enfants de Frankie Charity Performance

Congratulations to Stephine (Y4) for performing beautifully in a show hosted by Les Enfants de Frankie a charity which h...

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Riding and Sailing Success

Congratulations to Lara Devi (Y4) who won a riding cup in Dubai. Lara Devi also passed 2 sailing exams, conducted by th...

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