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Habitat Creatures Visit Glendower


On Wednesday 2nd May a ranger from Zoo Lab came to visit Lower School. As our science topic is ‘Habitats’ this term, he taught us all about animals and their adaptations. We looked at and were allowed to hold: a cockroach, a giant millipede, a stick insect and a snake. Each animal had amazing adaptations to help it survive in its natural habitat.
Miss Greenlees

I enjoyed learning how many legs a millipede has, as I didn’t know before. They have more than 200 legs and can have up to 750 legs! Josh, the ranger, brought a millipede instead of centipede because centipedes can bite. They are carnivores. Ottolina Y2

I liked the snake. I didn’t realise it would be so heavy. It also felt smooth and cold when I touched it. I learned that it lives in a corn field and even though it has such a small mouth it can open it wide enough to eat a whole rat in one gulp! It takes two weeks to digest that rat! Cleo Y2

I really liked the scorpion and we could see his special tail that is used to protect himself against predators. Emilia Y2

I enjoyed learning about the cockroach and I liked the feel of its back! Elora Y2


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