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Reception 2 welcomed Anuradha’s mummy who came to talk to us about Thanksgiving. She told us the story of Thanksgiving. It was wonderful to hear about the way people celebrate Thanksgiving in the USA, their traditions and the food they cook.
Mrs Gupta


Netball Training

On Saturday, 30th November, girls from Year 5 and 6 got up early for a Saturday morning netball training session at Que...

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Gymnastic Achievements

Congratulations to Talia L (Y5) and Daphne (Y5) who took part in the H.G.C. competition. Daphne S won 2nd place (silver...

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French Drama Club Performance

On Tuesday 3 December, the French Drama Club performed ‘Le Gruffalo’ in the dining hall in front of the Upper schoo...

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Christmas Jumper Day

Total money raised: £396.55 Last week, we had great fun celebrating our Glendower Christmas Jumper Day! This was in...

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Drums Christmas Show Performance

Congratulations to Elysia (Y6) who last Thursday played the drums in front of an audience for The Rhythm Studio Christm...

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