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Netball Training


On Saturday, 30th November, girls from Year 5 and 6 got up early for a Saturday morning netball training session at Queen Mother Sports Centre
in Pimlico.

We worked very hard at the session… it was a fantastic opportunity for us to work on our skills and also learn from a special guest who is star from the world of netball! After a brief warm-up, we launched into a busy and active morning of drills and activities that focused on footwork, defence and most importantly, teamwork! At the end, we did some full court match play. The Yellow Team (otherwise known as the Golden Gods) came first.

Adean Thomas was our special guest player/ coach for the training session which was really fantastic! Adean is a Jamaican International who competed at the World Cup in Liverpool and has recently joined London Pulse in the Superleague. She was also a bronze medal winner at the 2018 Commonwealth Games. Adean was an amazing player – really tall and really fast – and was able to show us lots of moves to keep us on our feet. We were very grateful for the time she spent with us! All in all, a great morning session where we improved all our moves!
Maddy (Y6)


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