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Citizenship Oath Ceremony


Recently, I became a British citizen and attended the Oath ceremony at the Kensington Town Hall, with my Mum and Dad. I was so excited, I was skipping all the way there, wondering what it would be like.
We got to the Town Hall and went through two big black doors leading to a queue of 10 – 15 people. At the front of the line there was a desk where they were checking everyone’s passports. I got my citizenship certificate there immediately, as children don’t have to take an oath.

We proceeded on to the main hall which was very grand with wood panelling and a big photo of Queen Elizabeth II. A photographer was taking photos of the soon-to-be-citizens and their supporters. Even I got to have my photo taken in front of the portrait.

Then we took our seats at the front of a stage, where a lady who was the Superintendent Registrar gave a welcome speech. I realized I was the only child there! She went out of the hall to escort a councillor inside. Trumpet music played in the background and everyone stood up obediently.
When they got to the front, they bowed to each other and the Registrar introduced him. She then called the soon-to-be-citizens one by one to the front to take an oath that they would be faithful to the Queen. They pledged that they would be loyal to the United Kingdom and obey its laws and fulfil their duties. Well, all the adults did. Then we sang the national anthem and the councillor called the adults up again to receive their certificates and have a photo with him, next to the photo of Queen Elizabeth II. I got a shot with my family.

On our way out, we stopped to have our photos printed and put in frames.
I absolutely loved my experience and can’t wait to see what I’ll be able to do in my future here in London with my family and friends!
Shireen (Y4)


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