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How can we recycle one hundred and twenty 2 litre plastic water bottles? By building a Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP) out of them of course!

Girls in Year 6 spent two afternoon sessions with representatives from the charity, The Whale Company, learning how to build a SUP from the water bottles that have been collected over recent months.

It was a much tougher challenge than they’d first anticipated. It involved careful cutting of bottles to a perfect size, pumping up other bottles with enough air and then gluing the joins and bottles together.

The final piece will make an appearance down at Paddington Canal next Monday, where girls in Year 6 will use this plastic paddle board along with others, provided by Activ360, London’s top SUP tour company.

They will take part in a ‘Paddle and Pick’ journey down the canal, collecting plastic waste to recycle back at school.

Miss Fattorini


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