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Glendower Elections 2019


Every year, the Year 6 girls participate in the Glendower Elections. The whole year splits up into 4 groups and the teams create their own political party with a manifesto of three key points that aim to improve the school environment. This is a brilliant opportunity to learn about democracy – the girls learnt how an election is run and what the voting process entails. It was also a great exercise in working together, compromising, sharing ideas and problem-solving. This year the parties were:
• Future
• Thrive
• STAG (Shining Together at Glendower)
• TIE (Together in Everything)

Each party had unique ideas which could all help improve Glendower. Some of the ideas included a community club, an environment week, a nature day and a playground paradise. The girls worked independently, and they had lots of fun designing their own posters, leaflets, flyers, badges and stickers to advertise their party.

Over the course of two weeks, the parties created their own campaign videos using iMovie and they scripted a speech to perform in assembly. This assembly took place on Friday 10th May and later that afternoon everyone from Year 3-6 was given the chance to vote – teachers included! It was an incredibly close race, but the winning party was Future. The party will now have the opportunity to meet with Mrs Knollys to help decide which winning idea will be put into action. A big well done to all the parties for a super effort!

Mrs Cadenhead


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