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Embracing Tradition: The Essence of Christmas at Glendower Prep School


It doesn’t quite seem real, but we are in the final week of term here. In the heart of academic excellence, Glendower Prep School traditional values at the core of our mission to shape the minds of young girls into strong, confident individuals – Gamechangers. As the festive season approaches, the school warmly embraces the spirit of Christmas, viewing it not just as a time of merriment but as a celebration that reinforces traditional and quintessentially British values.

The Importance of Tradition

At Glendower Prep School, the significance of tradition is woven into the very fabric of school life. Tradition is not merely a set of customs passed down through generations; it is the living essence that connects us to our roots. Christmas, with its rich history and timeless customs, provides a unique opportunity for our students to engage with the values that have shaped our nation.

Tradition fosters a sense of continuity and connection, offering a link between the past, present, and future. By celebrating Christmas, Glendower Prep School imparts to its students a profound understanding of the cultural heritage that defines us as a society. From the joyful sounds of carols to the festive decor that adorns our classrooms, each element serves as a testament to the enduring legacy of our traditions.

British Values in Focus

Christmas at Glendower Prep School goes beyond the festivities; it serves as a platform to instil and reinforce British values. Values such as tolerance, respect, and compassion are not just abstract concepts but are actively demonstrated during this joyous season. The school community comes together to celebrate diversity, understanding that the spirit of Christmas unites people of various backgrounds under a common banner of love and goodwill.

The act of giving, a fundamental aspect of Christmas, resonates with the British value of community and social responsibility. Glendower Prep School encourages students to participate in charitable initiatives, fostering a sense of empathy and kindness towards those less fortunate. Through these acts of generosity, the school cultivates a spirit of unity and solidarity that aligns with the values at the core of British society.

Family and Togetherness

Christmas is a time for family, a concept that is deeply ingrained in British culture. Glendower Prep School recognises the importance of fostering strong familial bonds, whether within the school community or in the wider context of students’ lives. The Christmas celebrations provide a moment for reflection and gratitude, encouraging students to appreciate the support systems that surround them. Our theme this year overall is Togetherness – the importance of unity and the strength we gain from working as a team.

As Glendower Prep School gears up for the festive season, the celebration of Christmas is not just a joyous occasion; it is a profound acknowledgment of the values that define us as a community and as a nation. Tradition, British values, and the spirit of Christmas intertwine at Glendower, creating an environment where students not only excel academically but also grow into compassionate, responsible, and culturally aware individuals. In the glittering lights and warm embraces of the season, the essence of tradition and British values shines brightly, illuminating the path for the young minds of Glendower Prep School.

What’s On

Watch this space for updates through the week of:

  • Christmas parties
  • Christmas plays
  • Christmas Jumper Day
  • Christmas Lunches
  • Christmas Gift Collection
  • Both Contemporary and Traditional Carol Services
  • The Chamber Choir performance at St Mary the Boltons

A week packed full of festive fun and one for the girls to remember forever.


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