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Nurturing Minds and Exploring Worlds: The Humanities Department at Glendower Preparatory School


In the truest sense of Glendower’s values, the heartbeat of intellectual curiosity resonates within the Humanities Department strongly. Just ask our own Quinton van Rooyen, the Head of Humanities at Glendower, and the passion for teaching and the commitment to fostering a well-rounded education will become evident. Quinton’s dedication goes beyond traditional subjects, encompassing geography, history, philosophy, politics, and religion.

The school boasts a vibrant tapestry of activities and experiences the Humanities Department offers, reflecting the school’s commitment to holistic education. From Ancient Greek days to immersive China VR experiences, the department orchestrates a symphony of events designed to enrich the students’ understanding of the world.

Quinton, not just a head of department but also a form tutor and maths teacher, wears multiple hats, ensuring a personal touch in the academic journey of each student. Glendower’s forward-thinking ethos is reflected in the celebration of diverse cultural events, from Diwali to Windrush Day, fostering a sense of inclusivity.

A significant addition to the department is the expansion of the Theology, Philosophy, Politics and Religion curriculum (TPPR), from nursery to year six under a new Head of Department role with Anna Slater at the helm. This move showcases the school’s commitment to comprehensive and inclusive education.

One of the distinctive features of Glendower’s Humanities Department is its emphasis on experiential learning. Students explore their local surroundings, dissecting streets and analysing the variety of shops. The curriculum is not confined to textbooks; it spills into workshops, museum visits, and even trips to the esteemed House of Parliament.

The cross-curricular collaboration adds another layer to the students’ learning experience. Whether it’s integrating history with English through visits to the Dickens Museum or exploring the Tudor galleries at the V&A, the interdisciplinary approach enriches the students’ understanding.

Quinton always strives to ensure there is a real focus on student choice, and by encouraging autonomy, students delve into topics of personal interest, fostering a sense of ownership in their learning journey. Whether it’s climate issues or exploring rainforests, the students are empowered to choose, discuss, and debate.

Beyond the classroom, the department organises extracurricular activities like quiz clubs, keeping students abreast of current affairs and nurturing their critical thinking skills. Quinton’s commitment to fostering confidence is visible in the emphasis on presentations, ensuring that every student’s voice is heard and valued.

As Quinton himself is keen to demonstrate, the department is full of dedicated educators who see beyond the curriculum, and recognise the importance of the pastoral side of education. The warmth, care, and laughter shared with students in the form tutor role add a personal touch to the academic journey.

In essence, Glendower Preparatory School’s Humanities Department, under the leadership of Quinton, stands as a beacon of holistic education. By intertwining academic excellence, experiential learning, and a commitment to inclusivity, the department nurtures young minds, preparing them not just for exams but for a lifelong love of learning and understanding the world around them.


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