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Charity Sponsored Skip


The sponsored skip has been a great success thanks to everyone’s support, especially the PE department, the energetic skippers (young and less young!) and the generous sponsors. It was lovely to see so many girls and adults skipping on the playground last Friday. Almost all the girls had a chance to skip for between thirty seconds and ten minutes during their PE lessons.

We raised an amazing total of over £1,800.00 which will be fairly split across the three charities supported by Glendower: New Horizons, The Venture Centre and St Cuthbert’s Centre for the homeless.

Madame Metro


“Lock ‘em up!”- Year 6 at The Charles Dickens Museum

Year 6 have been studying ‘A Christmas Carol’ (1843) in their English lessons this term. To complement their studies...

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French Speaking Competition

On Wednesday, 7th of November, a group of girls from Year 4 and 5 accompanied by Madame Metro and Miss Pierpoint, went t...

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Achieve Your Dreams Despite Your Disability

On Thursday the 8th of November Red Szell came in to talk to us about achieving your dreams even when you’re disabled....

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Gautim Malkani Journalism Visit

Today, Gautam Malkani, an experienced journalist working for the Financial Times, came in to tell us about his career an...

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Remembering World War 1

This week, Glendower has been commemorating the centenary of WWI, focusing specifically on Armistice Day in 1918. Each...

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