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French Speaking Competition


On Wednesday, 7th of November, a group of girls from Year 4 and 5 accompanied by Madame Metro and Miss Pierpoint, went to the annual
French Speaking Competition at the Queen Anne’s school in Caversham.

We had a very warm welcome and really enjoyed our day in Caversham. Three other schools competed and all of them were truly amazing!

The Glendower girls presented two individual entries and two group entries per year group. Alexia, Chiara, Samara and myself presented a song called “Dame Tartine”, a comical song about a palace made out of sweets. Mati, Ava and Amelie sang a song called “Pour Etre en Maillot”, while Polina had a solo performance of “La Glace au Citron”. The girls from Year 4 presented songs related to the topic ‘The Family’. Hope, Elara and Giulia sang a lullaby called ‘Fais Dodo’ . Leonie, Kiara S and the group of Lamar, Talia and Alice performed a funny song ‘Le Barbier’.


We put lots of work and preparation into our performance. When it was our turn to present we were really excited but also quite nervous. The group of Mati, Ava, Amelie and Samara got silver. Samara got silver for individual singing and the group of Talia, Lamar and Alice got first place! Kiara S got bronze for her individual singing.

We all felt very proud and happy for all Glendower!

Thank you, Madame Metro, for encouraging us and for helping us with the preparation for the competition and also for organising this great
opportunity for us!

Beatrice (Y5)


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