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Annual Balloon Debate


Glendower, along with Garden House and Orchard House, participated in the annual Balloon Debate on Wednesday 6th March. The idea of a balloon debate is that there are nine people on a hot air balloon, which is sinking, and five are going to be thrown overboard. You have to pretend you are a famous person and write a speech explaining why you should remain on the balloon; if you are thrown off, you are erased from history and it is like you never existed. We researched and scripted our speech in English lessons, and we decided on our finalists.

There were three finalists from Glendower: Isabel (Joseph-Nicéphore Niépce – inventor of photography), Bella (Wilhelm Röntgen – inventor of the X-ray) and Anya (Tim Berners Lee – inventor of the World Wide Web). We all had to explain our contribution to society in a persuasive speech. The audience were then allowed to ask challenging questions to make us justify our place in the balloon. We then voted to see who we should keep in the balloon.

It was fantastic to hear that Glendower won overall: Bella came in first place and Anya came in third place. There was tough competition from Orchard House and Garden House, people ranging from Thomas Edison to Alexander Fleming. Glendower were really supportive, and everybody performed brilliantly. There were some killer questions asked and answered. A huge well done to everybody that took part!
Anya (Y6)


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