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Imperial War Museum Trip


On the 11th of March 2019, we visited the Imperial War Museum and we discovered several things. We looked at 3 floors, each with countless objects that have an incredible story behind them. I was particularly interested in floor 3, where there was an area where you could listen to all the voices of WW1.

I was amused with the noises of people celebrating and cheering once the war was over. This demonstrated hope for the future. In conclusion, this trip was fun, interesting, and informative. I definitely recommend this to anyone who loves history!
Isabel (Y6)

We saw many artefacts, like a metal tree used for spying, a glove shrunk by poison gas, and even the head of a pig that used to live on a naval boat! In the same exhibit they had a trench simulation where we all dressed up as soldiers and crawled through the trenches.
Francesca (Y6)


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