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Wear It Wild Day


It was so wonderful to see you all get involved with our ‘Wear it Wild Day’ this year. We raised an amazing £422.60, which is even more than the amount that we raised last year!

On Monday, the 19th of November, a lot of the girls came to school dressed as endangered animals from across the world. There were chameleons, bears, pigs, cats and many more! The school looked like a herd of animals working very hard on their English and Maths. Donations were collected to support the endangered species and to protect our amazing wildlife. This money goes to WWF charity which thinks and cares about the marvellous array of life on our planet. They try to stop the destruction of the planet’s natural environment and aim to build a better future for the planet. They also work with UNICEF to stop the freshwater crisis.

Last year we raised enough money to adopt an elephant, which is now safely in a nice park that would take care of him properly. This year we had three choices of animals to adopt: panda, polar bear and turtle. It was really quite exciting for us to decide which animal would be adopted this year. Our class (5M) chose Polar Bear because the global warming is getting much worse every year. But turtles are also increasingly impacted by the plastic in our oceans. Also, pandas suffer because of deforestation and lose their rainforest homes. It was a tough decision, but polar bears won in our class.

The question remains which animal we are going to adopt this year as a school? Every single person that brought in money will make a difference and I am happy that we can contribute to protecting wild animals on our planet.

Polina (5M)


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