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Comic Workshop with Tor Freeman


On Wednesday 21 November, an illustrator called Tor Freeman came to teach Y6 how to make a good comic strip. Tor discussed illustration and children’s comics showing the class slides. Then, she helped the children create their own characters and do other drawing activities based on what they have learned about comics. Finally, the girls created a short comic strip in French!
Madame Metro

“It was very fun to draw the different expressions on the cat, by changing how the eyes, eye-brows, mouth and the whiskers were looking” Bella (6V)

“I really liked the workshop with Tor because when you do comics you can be very creative and use any style you want to” Shimerin (6V)

“Tor was very interesting to listen to because she gave you the chance to feel confident when drawing. Also, we enjoyed writing the speech bubbles in French.” Natalia (6V)

“I liked how Tor told us that it doesn’t matter how good you are at drawing. The most important thing is to have go and to have a story to tell”. Allegra (6L)


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