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Unite Win The Glendower Elections


Every year, the Year 6 girls participate in the Glendower Elections. The whole year splits up into 4 groups and we create our own political party with a manifesto of three key points that aim to improve our school environment. We explored all aspects of the elections (the voting, publicity etc.) and it was an extremely fascinating and thought provoking experience.

This year the parties were:
• Legacy
• G.I.F.T (Glendower in Future Times)
• S.O.A.R (Seeing Opportunities and Responding)
• #Unite

Each party had unique ideas which could all help improve Glendower. Amongst these were: Year 5 and 6 peer mentors, fake grass in the playground, smoothies at break and a kindness wall. We were completely independent in this task and we had heaps of fun designing our own posters, leaflets, flyers, badges and stickers to advertise our party. Over the course of two weeks, in our PSHEE and Current Affairs lessons we created our own campaign videos using iMovie and scripted a speech to perform in assembly. These would pitch watch where you walked!). We also saw monkeys, a crocodile, toucans, frogs and many more rainforest animals.  our ideas and persuade people to vote for our party.

This assembly took place on Friday 11th May and later that afternoon everyone from Year 3-6 was given the chance to vote – 90% of the upper school voted. This ended up with #Unite winning, followed by Legacy, then GIFT and finally SOAR. A huge well done to everyone involved.
Melissa (Y6)


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