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Deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest Debate


On Wednesday 16th May Year 6 took part in their second debate with Garden House and Orchard house this year. This time it was Glendower’s turn to host! We started the day by going to Stanhope Gardens for a picnic and then came back to school for the debate.

The second debate took a slightly different format from the first and we were mixed with girls and boys from the other schools. The subject was ‘Deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest’ and we were split into 4 groups: Brazilian Politicians, an Indigenous Tribe, Toucan Travel and a Meat Processing Company. Each team had to talk about deforestation from the point of view of the group they were allocated. All teams did exceedingly well and we all learnt lots of new information in the process. In the end, the teacher panel decided that the indigenous people should be able to live freely on their land, as they have done for generations, so they were declared the winners. Well done to everyone involved in this debate and we look forward to our final one later this term at Orchard House.



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