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UK Parliament Week


As well as being Upper School Exams Week and Anti-Bullying Week, it has also been UK Parliament Week!

In humanities lessons, the girls explored the history of the UK parliament, the process of how a proposed bill becomes a law and some classes had the opportunity to take part in a House of Commons style debate. The humanities room was transformed into the House of Commons! The girls enjoyed partaking in these activities and learning more about the UK’s democratic process.

Mr van Rooyen



Chelsea and Westminster Swimming Club Competition

On Sunday 18th November, swimmers from the Chelsea and Westminster Swimming Club, competed in multiple races. It was a l...

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Be Resilient!

This morning, Mrs Maher did an assembly about resilience. Resilience means to be able to recover quickly from difficulty...

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Wear It Wild Day

It was so wonderful to see you all get involved with our ‘Wear it Wild Day’ this year. We raised an amazing £422....

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Dilili à Paris

On Tuesday 20 November, Y4 took part in the South Kensington Festival 2018 and watched a film called ‘Dilili à Paris...

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Space Shifters Exhibition

On Wednesday 21st November, Art Scholarship group accompanied Mrs Cox and Miss Lambert to the Space Shifters exhibition ...

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