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Glendower Preparatory School Takes on the IAPS Ski Championships 2024 in Italy: An Intrepid Adventure


In the picturesque backdrop of the Italian Alps, amidst the snowy peaks and crisp mountain air, lies the stage for the IAPS Ski Championships 2024. This year, Glendower Preparatory School embarks on a thrilling journey as they send a group of determined young girls to participate in this prestigious event.

For Glendower, this isn’t just a routine trip—it’s an adventure, a culmination of years of aspiration and dedication. Mrs Kingsmill Moore, a passionate advocate for skiing and the driving force behind this endeavour, has harboured the dream of taking the school to the championships for many years. Despite facing numerous hurdles, including the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Nina’s perseverance has finally paid off as the pieces come together for this momentous occasion.

One cannot overlook the crucial role played by supportive parents in making this dream a reality. Some have taken on the responsibility of a ski coach and aiding in the selection process, and their unwavering support and dedication have been instrumental in the success of Glendower’s ski team, showcasing the power of parental involvement in educational endeavours.

As the team prepares to tackle the challenges of ski racing, there’s a clear emphasis on the benefits of adventure and pushing one’s limits. Skiing isn’t just about gliding down slopes—it’s about resilience, determination, and embracing the thrill of the unknown. The girls understand that success isn’t guaranteed, but it’s the journey itself that fosters growth and character development.

Ski racing is a demanding sport, requiring both physical prowess and mental fortitude. The slightest misstep can result in a disappointing end to a run. However, it’s precisely these challenges that serve as opportunities for the girls to showcase their resilience and perseverance. Every twist and turn on the slopes is a testament to their grit and determination.

While victory is undoubtedly a goal, the primary focus remains on enjoying the experience and embracing the lessons learned along the way. Whether it’s conquering a challenging run or overcoming a setback, each moment serves as a valuable learning opportunity for the girls of Glendower Preparatory School.

In the end, the IAPS Ski Championships 2024 represent more than just a competition—it’s a celebration of dedication, teamwork, and the spirit of adventure. As the girls gear up to represent their school on the slopes of Italy, they do so with a sense of excitement and anticipation, ready to embrace whatever challenges lie ahead. With their skis strapped and their spirits high, Glendower’s ski team is poised to make their mark on the snowy slopes and create memories that will last a lifetime.


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