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The Remarkable Catering Team at Glendower Prep


At Glendower Prep, excellence isn’t just a goal; it’s a way of life, especially when it comes to the culinary delights served up by the school’s catering team. Their commitment to providing exceptional themed lunches is just one example of their dedication to ensuring every aspect of student life is enriched.

One standout occasion was the Friday before half term when the school celebrated Chinese New Year with a feast fit for royalty. The fantastic catering team, led by the talented chef Maciej, pulled out all the stops, leaving both students and staff in awe of the flavourful and culturally immersive spread. So impressive has their effort been over the years that they have even garnered praise in the national press, a well-deserved acknowledgment of their culinary prowess.

Maciej, a beloved figure at the school, is the beating heart of the kitchen, supported by an amazing team around him. Despite his remarkable talent, he remains remarkably humble, endearing himself to everyone he meets. His ability to craft menus that not only tantalise the taste buds but also prioritise health and variety is truly commendable. Moreover, his dedication to fostering a sense of community through shared meals is invaluable, with students not only enjoying delicious food but also learning the importance of social dining etiquette and camaraderie.

One school characteristic that really sets Glendower Prep apart is its unwavering commitment to student empowerment, and this extends even to menu planning. Led by the school council, students have a direct say in the dishes served, ensuring their preferences and dietary needs are met. This involvement not only reinforces the school’s commitment to listening to student voices but also teaches valuable lessons in decision-making and responsibility.

“I’m proud to lead such an amazing team and to be part of catering experience at school. In terms of catering, I just wanted to share how heartwarming it is to see the girls gather in the morning around the menu display and discuss the lunch offer. My role is really fulfilling, providing nutritious meals and I get instant gratification seeing the girls queue for seconds as soon as they finish their firsts! We always welcome feedback from girls and are happy to help on their culinary journey. It’s priceless to see their smiles and excitement when their favourite dishes are served.”

Looking ahead, the school is excited to showcase its culinary excellence to the GTPA during an upcoming lunch menu tasting. It’s a testament to Glendower Prep’s dedication to providing not just education but also nourishment for both body and mind. With a focus on healthy eating and nutritious meals, the school is proud to offer its students the opportunity to savour gourmet-quality food on a daily basis.

In conclusion, the catering team at Glendower Prep isn’t just about serving meals; they’re about creating experiences that enrich and inspire. Through their culinary wizardry, good nature and hard work, they continue to elevate the school’s ethos of excellence, one delicious dish at a time.


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