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Moon Rocks


We have been lucky enough to have secured a loan of meteorites and lunar samples from the STFC on behalf of the American government and NASA. As well as investigating the rocks in science lessons, the girls have had the opportunity to look at sources of information in History and worked on debunking some of the common conspiracy theories. Year 6 have been working on calculating the density and probability of a PHA (Potentially Harmful Asteroid) hitting the Earth in Maths lessons – we are safe……for now!

Mr Palmer, Mr Van Rooyen and Mr Ludwick


Another year of excellent 11+ Results!

Exam Results 2019 I am filled with immense pride in the achievements of our Y6 girls who have had the most outstandin...

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Importance of Science Assembly by Dame Mary Archer

On 4th March Dame Mary Archer, Chair of the Science Museum, came to visit the Upper School in assembly. She talked about...

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Personal Bests at The Maltman’s Green Swimming Gala

On the 5th March, girls from Years 3-6 went to compete in a friendly swimming gala against Maltman’s Green. The compet...

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Annual Balloon Debate

Glendower, along with Garden House and Orchard House, participated in the annual Balloon Debate on Wednesday 6th March. ...

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Hair Donation to The Little Princess Trust

Amelia (Y3) has been very patient to keep her hair for several months so it could be long enough to meet the requirement...

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