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Learning From Our Mistakes


On Monday 14th September, Miss Rodgers held an assembly based on learning from your mistakes. Miss Rodgers talked to us about the importance of being resilient, especially when things do not always go to plan the first time. She showed us pictures of people who had many failures on their road to success, but they never gave up. For example, Sir James Dyson took fifteen years to create his first vacuum cleaner – it took 5126 attempts to get it right. He famously said, “Failure is interesting – it’s part of the making process. You never learn from success, but you do learn from failure.” His new product, the Dyson hair dryer, took four to five years to perfect, proving that success does not come quickly and you earn it by working hard.

We ended the assembly by writing down one goal for the week in our prep diary. Amelia A’s was: “I am going to spend half an hour every day practising my netball shooting in my garden so that I can improve.” Kallista’s was: “I want to succeed in making new friends and doing well in my CAT tests.” We plan to review our goals on Friday.

What an inspiring way to start off our week!

Amelia A and Kallista (Y5)


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