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Glendower a du talent


Today, the French Drama Club performed “Au café” and ‘Glendower a du talent” in front of the Upper School; two short sketches that we wrote together!

Well done to the girls for acting so well in French. It was really entertaining. Many thanks to their parents for helping with the costumes and props and for coming to watch them perform on the day.
Madame Metro

“My favourite parts of the play were when I had to say “j’ai un bonbon” when the waitress asked for money, and when we jumped up on the restaurant table because of the fake rat!” Amelia (3F).

“I found it so funny when Amelia’s violin didn’t make a sound for the crazy talent show. I also liked ‘acting out cross’ because the strange waitress was eating my pizza that I had thrown on the floor!” by
Coco (3M)


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