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African Art Sculpture Workshop


On Tuesday the 15th of January, 6L used charcoal to draw African figures, that I brought in from home.

They were from a tribe in Nigeria, that have a very high birth rate of twins. When one twin dies (or both die at birth) a model is created of the dead twin. After the model is created there is a big feast for the sculptor of the model. It is treated like a member of the family, it is dressed, fed, and prayed to. In African tribes, art was not seen as a decoration, but as a part of their culture and heritage.

Y6 only drew the heads as our topic this term is focusing on African masks. We focused on getting the light and shade into the drawing, which is quite hard using charcoal, and using the stick of charcoal creatively as we needed to find a suitable texture for the wood of the sculpture. We created some brilliant drawings and were very proud of them.
Emily (Y6)


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