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Give It A Go Week


Readiness, Responsibility, Resourcefulness, Reflectiveness, Resilience and Relationships. These are Glendower’s 6Rs – focused learning habits which the girls develop throughout the year, but perhaps particularly so, during our 6Rs Activity Week in June.

As part of the Give It a Go Week, Year One had a visit from a crazy scientist, Fizz Pop Tim. We watched in wonder as he made elephant toothpaste appear from a mixture of different liquids and set fire to paper which instantly disappeared. We learnt about acidic and alkaline solutions and best of all, how to make slime!

For their art activity, Year 3 created Ancient Greek style pots from terracotta clay using the coiling technique.

They were also given air tickets to travel to New Zealand! This activity was designed to link in with themes from our set text (“Kensuke’s Kingdom” by Michael Morpurgo) and to provide an experience as close to the ‘real thing’ as possible. The girls travelled by mock taxi to the entrance hall which was set up as a departure gate and lounge before boarding the plane. Shortly after we crash landed on a remote island in the south pacific. With the use of charades and mime we communicated with the spear wielding natives, who turned out to be friendly and fed us fruit kebabs served on leafy plates.

All of the Upper School left their classrooms to enjoy a host of exciting activities in varied locations. Year 4 travelled all the way to sunny Dorset for an adrenalin buzz on abseiling walls, zip wires and giant swings. Meanwhile, Year 6 headed into the wilderness of West Sussex to learn bush craft skills. This included making their own fires, cooking their own food and taking part in an SOS Survival session.

Year 5 came back from the Isle of Wight looking sun-kissed, happy and exhausted after a fantastic week of water sports. Year 3 enjoyed a 24 hour trip to Juniper Hall and its surrounds in Surrey. They learnt how to use a compass and navigate their way around the local countryside.


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