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French Institute Live Performance


On Wednesday 20th November, Y2 attended a bilingual live performance at the French Institute. In the forest, a one-of-a-kind bear cannot stand being alone anymore. He would like to share his life with someone but the other inhabitants of the forest can’t seem to pin point his identity… Rejected by everyone, the bear sets on a journey to prove his “bear-hood”. But how? After giving it a lot of thought, he decides the best way might just be to eat up a bunny… This play is based on Alice Zeniter’s musical tale “Un ours, of course!”, starring actors and musicians Lawrence Williams and Nathan Gabily.
Madame Metro

“This week, we went on a school trip and we watched a play in French and English. I laughed when the actors said that they were going to get married. It was easy to understand the story because the guitar player copied the French actor but in English. It was an outstanding show!”

Thandi (Y2)

“My favourite bit of the French play was at the start when the weasel said to the bear, or ‘l’ours’ (bear in French), that he wasn’t a bear. It was so funny! The poor bear then didn’t know whether he was a bear or not!” Arenal (2)

‘’We went to see a French play and it was very funny because when the man went to the first den he said ‘you’re not a bear as bears don’t live in the forest.’ I also enjoyed the bit when the brown bear saw the angry polar bear!’’

Louise (Y2)


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