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Festival of Arts Opening


On Monday evening many pupils from Year 3 and Art club along with their parents gathered for the opening of the annual ‘Festival of Arts and Faith’ at St Stephen’s on Gloucester Road. Prizes were awarded by sculptor David Cregeen. The theme this year was ‘Crossing the Channel’.

Amalia (Y5) impressed the judges with her painting of a girl in a bubble crossing the channel. She won a prize as a runner up; they particularly liked her depiction of The White Cliffs of Dover. Well done to everyone who took part, I was so proud of all of your artworks.
Mrs Cox


Year 6 Enterprise Day

On Tuesday 11th June, Year 6 took part in an Enterprise Day. This day was filled with teamwork, confident decision maki...

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Winners at the Ross Nye Stables Hyde Park Show

Imane (Y2), Hadia (Y3) and Sasha (Y5) participated in the Ross Nye Stables Hyde Park Show over the weekend. The gir...

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Gold and Silver Medals Galore

Last weekend, Olivia (Y4) competed in the Brompton Swim Club Championships. After competing in 8 races, which included ...

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Reducing Effects of Global Warming Debate

On the 19th of June, Year 6 school journeyed to Turnham Green to take part in our final debate with Garden House and Or...

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Our Lippy Skippy Project

This whole idea began in March 2019. Alexia and I had an idea to sell lip balms for a charity called Pass on Plastic as...

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