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Year 6 Enterprise Day


On Tuesday 11th June, Year 6 took part in an Enterprise Day. This day was filled with teamwork, confident decision making, and working under pressure. It was a chance for us to work in groups to create and plan a unique Leavers’ Party. We had a strict budget to work with to invent an inclusive, exciting and unforgettable experience for all. This group effort was a good opportunity for us to brush up on our IT skills. To create a detailed and structured plan, we used PowerPoint, Publisher, Word and Excel. Our proposals included posters, spreadsheets and sample tickets. We were determined to offer a plan that was both achievable and inventive. To budget for different parts of our party proposal, we researched the prices of food, decoration and venue hire. After a thrilling but at times stressful day, all seven groups presented their ideas and party plan to three judges: Mrs Cadenhead, Mrs Maher and Mr Ludwick. The criteria they used to judge our plans were: how well the costs had been calculated, the creativity of the ideas and the quality of information presented.

The winning team, GTS, consisted of Shimerin, Lillyclaire and Maya. We proposed a water-based adventure. Renting a boat on the Thames for three hours, the event would include a games room and a room filled with Glendower memories. Each guest would be given a locket and book with the Glendower logo and pictures of the year inside.

Thank you to Mrs Verma who organised this event. Planning this event was a fun and exciting experience. If only this exercise could become a reality!
Maya (Y6)


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