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Downe House Masterclass


On Friday, 17th May, Year 6 were lucky enough to go to Downe House, for a fun sports masterclass outdoors. We arrived at an action-packed day of activities ready for us. The first activity for some of us was athletics. We had a go at long jump, where we learnt techniques to make sure we went the furthest we could, including using our hands to swing and clapping our hands while we jumped.

Then we did high jump, where we tried another way, because we normally do a scissoring jump, and it proved to be quite fun.

Afterwards, we headed to netball, where we practised our shooting techniques, defending skills, and pace. We played many games, and everybody enjoyed it, seeing as we stopped playing netball in Spring Term. Next up was either hockey or lacrosse, and I went to hockey, and we played lots of mini matches. We learnt which side you are supposed to hit the ball with, and the instructor told us a few tricks to help us remember the

We learned to dribble and swivel the ball in all directions, using a real hockey stick. The two teachers even had a go at trying to intercept the balls from us! Sadly, after that our day drew to an end, but Marina and I were lucky to win prizes. Marina won most valued player for Athletics, and I
won most valued player for Netball. Thank you to Miss Humble, Miss Russell and the PE Department for arranging such an entertaining and exciting day for us!
Anya (Y6)


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