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2nd Place at Quiz Club General Knowledge Championships


On Tuesday 22nd January, eight girls from Glendower went off to the Quiz Club General Knowledge Championships with Mrs Milne-Holme and Mr van Rooyen.

We were split into two teams of four and had 40 questions in total. The questions were very challenging, but Glendower 2 were in the lead for quite a few questions. Then they dropped down and Glendower 1 took over! Both Glendower teams were near the top for the rest of the first round. In the second round (which was 10 fast questions worth 80 – 100 points, which is a lot!) Glendower 2 rose to 3rd place.

In the last few questions, both Glendower teams did very well and finished with Glendower 1 in 5th place and Glendower 2 in 2nd. Hopefully, we will get a wildcard (a place in the next round given to the highest scoring 2nd place out of all the heats) and we will be through to the next round!

Bella (Y6)


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