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Year Three Mindfulness Workshop


Last week, all of Year 3 joined in for a Mindfulness Workshop with Kate Ludlam and Miss Lock. Mindfulness exercises calm you down when you are feeling stressed. We learned finger breathing and jumping exercises. Finger breathing brushes all of my worries away. I found the jumping exercises tiring, but I adored the finger breathing. I taught it to my mum and we both agreed to use it whenever we feel stressed out. (Lara 3L)

Last Friday, Year 3 had a useful workshop with Miss Ludlam about staying positive especially during lockdown when we often have many unexpected problems to solve quickly.

Miss Ludlam showed us some techniques to stay calm in stressful situations. My favourite exercise was when we needed to run very fast on the spot and, immediately after, do finger breathing (breath in when you slide your index finger up your fingers and breath out while you slide your finger down). I felt so energetic with a high heart beat in the first part and very calm and relaxed in the second. I will definitely try this calming technique in the future when I face problems. The most important lesson I learnt is not to be harsh on yourself. Miss Ludlam explained to us that it is very important to be kind, not only with others but also yourself. In this way we can stay positive and make the best out of a challenging time. (Emma 3L)


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