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The Mind Pilot – Kate Ludlam


The Covid pandemic will be captured in the pages of our history books for ever.  For sure, we are all trying to survive the best we can through a global pandemic.  We have lost the basics of our normality and what we know.  The shape of our day and the routines we took for granted 10 months ago have changed everything about us in an unrecognisable way, without any warning or time for preparation.  What we are experiencing is as huge at it gets.

As life intensifies under these unusual circumstances, we must remember that our house has to emerge as the basecamp for every aspect of our families.  As we juggle jobs, home schooling, running the house, all within the confines of four walls, it is sometimes difficult to remember that this is also our home.  Some days are overwhelming, and our challenge is to remember, and acknowledge, that we are doing our very best, each and every day.

However, we must not lose sight of the incredible skills and capabilities we all possess inside us, that we can tap into to overcome this extreme adversity.  One of these is our resilience, which allows us to adjust to situations and overcome adversity.  Well-being, defined in the Oxford English Dictionary as ‘the state of being comfortable, healthy or happy’ is perhaps where we must focus.   

To take care of our well-being requires mental focus.  It is our thoughts, feelings and actions that dictate how we respond to our external circumstances.  Our internal narrative will determine whether we are being kind to ourselves through this immense experience or whether we are berating ourselves at every opportunity.  The kindness and compassion we are all able to feel for others, needs to be directed towards ourselves in these difficult times.  We can decide to seek peace and solace, and even find some space to learn something new about ourselves and the world.

It has to start with how we interact with ourselves.  Too often, as parents, we put ourselves and our well-being at the bottom of our priority list, and whilst we accept that this is how it might need to be, we must take care of ourselves as well as taking care of others.  Our own well-being is often another item on our to-do list: getting out for some fresh air, seeking some company, sleeping a solid 8 hours, meditating, eating well, journaling, drinking more water, going for an early morning run, all these have a very positive impact.  However, as well as looking externally for what we need, we must also turn inwards to ensure that our internal narrative is supporting us.

Living through a pandemic is living in the unknown and it goes against the grain of what we have come to expect from life.  We still have to hold tight to our plans, visions and aspirations for our future; these are the light shining at the end of our tunnel.  As the world slowly manages the virus, and our lives can expand once again, we need to know that we have prepared ourselves to move into the new future with grit and determination.

Taking things one day at a time, momentarily simplifying our lives as much as we can, while we need to, will help us to keep calm as we function in the moment.  Knowing that even with our wings well and truly clipped, we are digging deep into our personal resources, whilst still able to grow into a better version of ourselves.  And, acknowledging this immense achievement will enable us to enter into the new world ahead, prepared, equipped and strong.

With my best wishes

Kate Ludlam, Mindset Coach


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