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I Am Competition


On the 20th of November there was an exhibition at The Africa Centre. It was arranged by the charity My Start which supports the refugee camp in Kamuma (Kenya) which holds approximately 200,000 refugees. The exhibition was all about expressing yourself through Art, Film, Photography and Creative Writing. There was art from the refugee camp and from 21 schools in London. A competition was held and Glendower was well represented by Emily (Year 1), Aila (Year 2) and myself. We had a presentation and received certificates for all three of us. There was an inspiring speech by Emmanuel Jal who is a Hollywood actor and rapper. He talked about how he was a child soldier during the civil war in South Sudan. Emmanuel had a dream of being part of a solution to help solve the problems in Sudan. He was smuggled out by an British aid worker and
fled to Kenya to achieve his dream.
Alexia (Y4)

Emily (Y1) was given a ‘Special Mention’ (i.e. third place) in the competition in the Primary School Category for her piece on Flags!


London League Round One Success

On Friday, 22nd November, Glendower’s swim squad Y3-6, competed in the first round of the London League Swimming Comp...

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Citizenship Oath Ceremony

Recently, I became a British citizen and attended the Oath ceremony at the Kensington Town Hall, with my Mum and Dad. I...

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Medals at The West London Pianoforte Festival

Congratulations to Celestine (Y5) and Aurelia(Y2) who both recently competed at the West London Pianoforte Festival. Au...

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Netball vs Norland Place

On Monday afternoon, the Year 5 Netball Team played against Norland Place. Despite the rainy conditions, everyone came ...

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Reception 2 welcomed Anuradha’s mummy who came to talk to us about Thanksgiving. She told us the story of Thanksgivin...

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