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Fun at Kew Gardens


Our Book Week project was based around the healing plants of the rainforest, so a trip to Kew Gardens was the ideal way to end the project. The girls started the day by visiting the Marianne North Gallery to view her beautiful botanical paintings. Mrs Cox had shown the girls examples of the Victorian artist’s work in class, so they spent time viewing the artwork and creating their own sketch of one of her paintings. We then went on the Treetop Walkway and admired the view across the gardens. It was great fun to view the trees from above. After this, we went to see The Hive – a structure designed by Wolfgang Buttress that gives you the impression of what it is like inside a beehive. A highlight of the trip was the Orchids Festival inside the Princess of Wales Conservatory. The exhibit was a celebration of Thailand’s vibrant colours, culture and magnificent plant life and the girls loved demonstrating their photography skills as they got up close to the stunning plants with their iPads. After a quick visit to a rather hot Palm House, we left for school. It was fantastic to explore what the gardens had to offer – what a great way to spend a Monday!

Here is what the girls had to say:
‘I loved going inside the orchid greenhouse and taking photographs.’ Allegra

‘It was fantastic to see Marianne North’s artwork.
There were so many beautiful paintings and I loved
how they covered the entire wall with not an inch
to spare!’ Daphne

‘I loved the Treetop Walkway as you got to see the
plants and trees from above.’

‘I enjoyed every single part of this trip, from the
orchids to the beehive. Everything was amazing!’



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