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Fascinating Science at the Wonderlab


Year 1 visited the Wonderlab at the Science Museum on Wednesday. As well as all the amazing activities for the girls to enjoy, we were also able to watch one of the lab technicians experiment with liquid nitrogen. The girls and adults were amazed to see how, when immersed in a container, the state of objects like a raw egg and a bouncy ball changed!

Miss Bahar


Chicks Are Hatching!

This week we are glad to announce the successful hatching of of our chicks, with one still to go at the time of writing...

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Gymnastic Gold Medals

Congratulations to Anastasia (Y5) who won two gold medals at the 6th London Championships in Rhythmic Gymnastics! ...

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Warm Socks Campaign

On Friday 16th November, we visited the SMART London Community Centre. This is a local charity centre that provides sup...

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Swimming Success at Brompton Swimming Club

On Sunday 17th November, Olivia swim with the Brompton Swimming Club and competed in 8 events, with distances ranging f...

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Remi sans famille

On Monday, Year 5 visited Institut Francais to watch a movie called “Remi sans famille.” The trip was a great exper...

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