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British Science Week


This week we have been celebrating British Science Week in upper school lessons. At the start of the week I set the girls the challenge of using the scientific method to work out the rule that 3, 6, 12 follow. Keira (3M) was the first student to correctly identify the pattern by proposing numbers that did not fit my rule, excellent work! A special mention to Mme Metro for being the first member of teaching staff to crack it.

Year 3 have been trying out some experiments under the ‘Don’t try this at home’ banner. We have been microwaving soap to see what happens to gases when they are heated, electrocuting Mr Palmer to show how muscles use electricity to work, making students hair stand on end using static electricity and firing smoke rings…… because we can!

Year 4 ,5 and 6 have been taking over science lessons to showcase their exciting projects. These have included making a hoverboard, bouncing an egg, adding Mentos to soft drinks, finding out where most bacteria can be found, investigating buoyancy, making slime and how to make a battery. It’s been an absolute pleasure seeing how creative the girls have been with their projects, the standard seems to get better each year! A big thank-you to you as parents for helping with their projects……….and apologies for any mess that may have been created!

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