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Mummification at the British Museum

28th September 2017


Year 3 went on their annual trip to the British Museum last week. This year the girls attended a presentation in the education centre which focused on how mummies had survived so well over the years and how new technology, such as CAT scanning, enables us to examine the inside of the mummies, telling us so much more than we knew before.
The girls were intrigued by what they were hearing and were brave enough to peak at some pretty gory images of different mummies. Well done Year 3! Your behaviour was exemplary and your interest energized and excited your teachers. We look forward to learning much more about this ancient civilization over the coming weeks.

“I really enjoyed seeing Ginger, a 5400 year old mummy buried in sand. Ginger still had all his skin but looked like he’d been baked in an oven. The Rosetta Stone was very interesting because it had three languages carved into the stone.”
Serena – 3F

“It was interesting that ancient Egyptian bodies were buried in lots of different ways. Some were buried in the sand, some in boxes and some in decorated coffins.” Emilia -3F

“I thought it was interesting that animals were mummified too. We saw a mummified baby crocodile.” Rosie -3F




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