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Equestrian achievement

22nd September 2018

Krishna (Y3) and Anoushka (Y1) recently competed in their first equestrian show in Kildale, North Yorkshire. They participated in the ‘In Hand & Ridden Mountain & Moorland Class’ and Krishna achieved 3rd place in both events on her pony Tweedy. Krishna also obtained 3rd place in the Best Rider class and 1st place in the equestrian slalom.

Anoushka took part in the ‘In Hand & Ridden Mountain & Moorland Class’ and received a rosette for 6th place on her pony, Dandy and also entered the Veteran Class taking 5th place, being the youngest competitor of the day.

Both girls later competed in the Northallerton Mini Combined Training Competition on their ponies, with Krishna coming in at 4th place and Anoushka at 5th place, despite it being their very first show jumping and dressage competition. Congratulations to both girls!

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